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Scale Model Drawing Package
These drawings are intended to be a guide for building a model of the International Space Station. The drawings provide the overall dimensions for all of the major elements as it was originally designed. Some of the elements will not be part of the ISS as foreseen now.

Dimensions are given for a 1:100 scale model. These dimensions can easily be adapted for any scale you desire. For example, for a 1:200 scale model, divide the dimensions by two. The original 1:100 scale is in inches. The choice of materials, as well as the method for connecting the elements together, have been left to the discretion of the modelmaker.

You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these drawings. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy from the Adobe Website.

The exploded view (drawing no. 12) shows how all the pieces fit together.

Click on the Drawing No. below to view the drawing in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Have fun building your model!

Drawing# File Size Description
1 48 Kb Airlock, Life Support Module (no longer planned), Multi-Purpose Logistics Module, Columbus Orbital Facility (ESA), Russian Docking Compartment, Cupola
2 38 Kb Zarya (Functional Control Block)
3 33 Kb Japanese Experiment Module, JEM ELM (pressurized section), U.S. Hab (no longer planned), Destiny Lab Module, Pressurized Mating Adapter
4 39 Kb Service Module, Research, Docking & Storage Modules
5 47 Kb Progress, Soyuz, Node SPP Core
6 44 Kb Russian Science Power Platform Photovoltaic (SPP PV) Arrays, SPP Activator, Z-1 Truss
7 33 Kb Photovoltaic Array (PVA) - US, Radiator (Electrical)
8 26 Kb Radiator (Thermal)
9 37 Kb JEM Exposed Facility, SPP Radiator, Mobile Transporter w/ Base
10 44 Kb Universal Docking Module, JEM Robot Arm, SSRMS Robot Arm (Canadarm 2), S-6/P-6 Trusses
11 91 Kb S-0, S-1, S-3&4, P-3&4 Trusses
12 80 Kb Exploded View (current planned view).