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The International Space Station's 10th Anniversary Video
The launch of Zarya on Nov. 20, 1998, marked the beginning of an international construction project of unprecedented complexity and sophistication. On Nov. 20, 2008, the International Space Station marked 10 years of operation in space orbiting the Earth. NASA commemorated this milestone by making several videos showcasing the largest spacecraft built to date.

Chapter 1: It's our modus operandiChapter 1: "It's our modus operandi."
The United States is one of 15 countries building the International Space Station by working internationally. For NASA and the other international partners, "it's our modus operandi."
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Chapter 2: Space SmorgasbordChapter 2: "Space Smorgasbord."
The International Space Station is being built by many people of many different cultures. Eating on the ISS is truly a "space smorgasbord."
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Chapter 3: We may be changing the course of human destinyChapter 3: "We may be changing the course of human destiny."
By establishing a permanent outpost in space, "we may be changing the course of human destiny."
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Chapter 4: Do I stink?Chapter 4: "Do I stink?"
Crew members aboard the ISS can go as long as six months without taking a real shower. Sometimes they ask each other, "do I stink?"
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Chapter 5: We are just citizens of the universeChapter 5: "We are just citizens of the universe."
When gazing out the window crew members often say that we are one small part of a much larger picture and that "we are just citizens of the universe."
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