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Video Excerpts from the Expedition 16 and 17 Crew News Conference
Here are video excerpts from the Expedition 16 and 17 crew news conference that also included South Korean spaceflight participant So-yeon Yi. The crew news conference took place Tuesday, April 15, 2008, the day before Expedition 16 Commander Peggy Whitson broke the American record for cumulative time in space of 374 days.

Expedition 16 Commander Peggy WhitsonExpedition 16 Commander Peggy Whitson
Whitson discusses the events and achievements during her mission as commander of Expedition 16.
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Whitson briefly talks about her record-breaking cumulative time in space.
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Expedition 16 Flight Engineer Yuri MalenchenkoExpedition 16 Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko
Malenchenko describes celebrating Cosmonautics Day, a Russian holiday, aboard the International Space Station.
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Expedition 16/17 Flight Engineer Garrett ReismanExpedition 16/17 Flight Engineer Garrett Reisman
Reisman gives his impressions of throwing the ceremonial first pitch from space for the New York Yankees versus Boston Red Sox game.
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Expedition 17 Commander Sergei VolkovExpedition 17 Commander Sergei Volkov
Volkov describes what it's like being the son of a cosmonaut and the lessons he learned from his father.
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Expedition 17 Flight Engineer Oleg KononenkoExpedition 17 Flight Engineer Oleg Kononenko
Kononenko and Volkov both give their views about the differences of living in space and living on Earth.
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Spaceflight Participant So-yeon Yi (South Korea)Spaceflight Participant So-yeon Yi (South Korea)
Yi describes her experience being the first South Korean to visit space.
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