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Hurricane Igor
ISS024-E-014559 -- Hurricane Igor
ISS024-E-014559 (14 Sept. 2010) --- Hurricane Igor is featured in this Sept. 14 image photographed by an Expedition 24 crew member on the International Space Station. At the time this image was taken, Hurricane Igor was about 648 miles east of Barbuda Island in the Lesser Antilles. It was travelling to the northeast (290 degrees) at 6.2 mph (6 kts). The winds were already 132.5 mph (115 kts) gusting to 161.3 mph (140 kts) and forecast to intensify. Igor’s well-defined eye was a dynamic area of swift rising winds in the outer wall and sinking winds in the center. His strong eye wall surrounded a low level cloud deck of clouds containing additional vortices.

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