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  • Expedition 26 crew members

    Astronaut Cady Coleman Shares Her Love of the Flute from Space

    Astronaut Cady Coleman took time during an interview with reporters to play her flute onboard the International Space Station.

  • Astronaut Cady Coleman performs the Dispersion of Liquid Pepper experiment from Will James Middle School in Billings, MT.

    Kids In Micro-g Winners

    "Kids in Micro-g" gives students a hands-on opportunity to design an experiment that could be performed in the classroom and aboard the ISS.

  • ISS 2011 Calendar

    Print Your 10th Anniversary International Space Station Calendar

    NASA’s International Space Station calendar is now available in both large and small file sizes to print at home, or with the help of a professional printer. To print it out on your home printer, download the 6.8 Mb file. To print it out in full resolution, take the link to the 74 Mb file to your preferred printer and specify the paper quality and printing instructions.

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    › Download Hi-Res Calendar (77 Mb PDF)
  • Scott Kelly

    Where Over the World is Commander Scott Kelly?

    Commander Scott Kelly is sharing his view from space and engaging the public with a virtual journey around the world via a geography trivia game on Twitter.

  • The International Space Station as seen from an approaching space shuttle.

    Preparing for the Research Decade

    Ten years of exciting research lies ahead aboard the International Space Station.

  • Expedition 20 crew members share a meal

    10 Years and Counting

    The second decade of a new era in human history began Nov. 2 as the International Space Station crossed the 1.5 billion mile mark.

  • Houston

    Houston Photo One of Highest Resolution in Station Earth Imagery

    An image of the Houston area taken by the Expedition 25 crew has been determined to be one of the highest resolution measured in crew Earth imagery from the International Space Station.

  • 'Top Chef's' Winning Short Ribs Set to Fly on Discovery

    'Top Chef's' Winning Short Ribs Set to Fly on Discovery

    An award-winning "Top Chef" recipe is set to fly to the International Space Station on Discovery’s STS-133 mission.

  • Interview with Expedition 1 Commander Bill Shepherd

    2010 Interview: Bill Shepherd

    "We realized in that moment that not only were we part of something way bigger than what’s happening on the surface of the Earth, but the Earth was there and we were here."

  • Interview with Expedition 1 Flight Engineer Sergei Krikalev

    2010 Interview: Sergei Krikalev

    "At that moment we were thinking of the present and the moment we were in, although, subconsciously we understood that that was a certain threshold that we were supposed to cross."

  • NASA Opens Space Station for Biological Research from NIH Grants

    NASA Opens Space Station for Biological Research from NIH Grants

    NASA is enabling biomedical research with National Institutes of Health grants that take advantage of the unique microgravity environment aboard the International Space Station to explore fundamental questions about important health issues.

  • Anthony Bourdain, Padma Lakshmi and Buzz Aldrin

    NASA Presents Challenge to Top Chef Contestants

    A new dish for astronauts in space has been created. Bravo TV's Emmy-award winning reality show "Top Chef" featured a special challenge to create a dish that could be freeze-dried and sent into space.

  • Technician is shown installing multi-layer insulation on the Meteoroids and Debris Protective Shield of the Permanent Multipurpose Module.

    Module to Get a Home in Space

    The logistics module known as Leonardo is on its way to a new assignment in space.

  • Mark and Scott Kelly

    NASA's First Twins to Fly in Space Together

    Twin brothers Mark and Scott Kelly, both NASA astronauts, are scheduled to meet early next year and become the first siblings to be in space together.

  • Robonaut2

    Star Wars Meets UPS as Robonaut Packed for Space

    Engineers at NASA's Kennedy and Johnson space centers have drawn up plans to get Robonaut into space safely.

  • Robonaut 2

    Robonaut 2

    Almost 200 people from 15 countries have visited the International Space Station, but the orbiting complex has so far only ever had human crew members – until now.


    NASA Expanding Tests of Star Wars-Inspired "Droids"

    A trio of droids, known officially as SPHERES, are being used to test automated rendezvous and formation flying in zero-gravity aboard the International Space Station.

  • S130-E-012016 -- International Space Station

    NASA’s International Space Station Program Wins Collier Trophy

    The International Space Station Program has won the 2009 Collier Trophy, which is considered the top award in aviation.

  • The National Laboratory That Soars Above

    The National Laboratory That Soars Above

    As America celebrates National Lab Day on May 12, astronauts are helping scientists expand and execute research on the only National Laboratory in microgravity -- the International Space Station.

  • JSC2010-E-013948 -- Shannon Walker

    Houston, We Have an Astronaut

    Houston. It was the first word from the moon, and the city has served as the home of Mission Control and the nation’s human spaceflight program for more than 40 years. But even though Houston has been the home of NASA's astronaut corps for decades, the city has never had a hometown astronaut -- until now.