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  • ISS015-E-34600 -- Soyuz TMA-10 crew

    Space Station Crew Back on Earth

    10.21.07 - Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov, the 15th crew of the International Space Station, landed safely in their Soyuz spacecraft Sunday in the steppes of Kazakhstan.

  • Expedition 16

    Expedition 16 Crew Docks with Space Station

    10.11.07 - Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko of the 16th International Space Station crew docked their Soyuz TMA-11 with the orbiting laboratory at 10:50 a.m. EDT Friday to begin a six-month stay aboard.

  • Soyuz spacecraft

    Station Crew Moves Soyuz

    09.27.07 - Expedition 15 moved its Soyuz spacecraft from the Earth-facing port of the station's Zarya module to the aft port of the Zvezda module Thursday.

  • Palm Island, seen from space

    NASA, Google Earth Showcase Best Photos

    09.25.07 - NASA and Google Earth have teamed to make it easier for everyone to see striking Earth photographs.

  • ISS014-E-09413 -- ISS 'Mates' SWAB Deck

    ISS 'Mates' SWAB Deck

    09.19.07 - Cleanliness is not just the dirt one can see. It’s also a matter of bacteria and parasites. That’s why -- even though there is no floor -- there is no five second rule on the space station.

  • STS-118 mission specialist Barbara Morgan floats with millions of basil seeds she carried to space as part of the Engineering Design Challenge.

    Space Seeds Go to Classrooms

    09.18.07 - The NASA Engineering Design Challenge offers basil seeds from space.

  • Expedition 15 Flight Engineer Clay Anderson works with the CCISS experiment.

    Getting Blood to 'Go With the Flow'

    09.05.07 - Cardiovascular systems get 'lazy' in space, but a new study gets blood flowing on board the space station.

  • S118-E-05968 -- International Space Station

    PMA-3 Relocation

    International Space Station crew members moved Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 from the left side of the Unity node to the bottom to prepare the station for future growth.

  • Basil plants grown from seeds, on Earth, in a simple plant growth chamber

    Bringing Home the Basil

    08.16.07 - Barbara Morgan carries millions of basil seeds to space and returns with millions more.

  • ISS015-E-08028 --- An unpiloted Progress supply vehicle approaches the space station

    Progress Docks to Space Station

    08.05.07 - A new Progress cargo carrier docked to the International Space Station's Pirs docking compartment at 2:40 p.m. EDT Sunday with more than 2.5 tons of fuel, air, water and other supplies and equipment aboard.

  • International Space Station

    Space Station Science Update

    07.25.07 - A look back and a look ahead at science aboard the International Space Station.

  • Expedition 15 spacewalk

    Station Crew Winds Up Ammonia Reservoir Jettison Spacewalk

    07.23.07 - Two International Space Station crew members successfully wrapped up a spacewalk that saw the removal and jettison of a refrigerator-size ammonia reservoir.

  • ISS Astronaut Sunita Williams performing experiment

    How to Manage Floating Fluids in Space

    07.03.07 - Scientists study fluid physics on the space station to improve fuel tanks and other systems for future spacecraft.

  • A student views seeds at the Sally Ride Science Festival at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.

    Classroom Above the Clouds

    06.27.07 - The International Space Station provides a 'hands-on classroom' for students around the world.

  • Astronaut Sunita Williams

    Astronaut Suni Williams Sets Endurance Record

    06.16.07 - NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams has set a new record for the longest duration spaceflight by a woman.

  • Expedition 15 spacewalk May 30, 2007

    Cosmonauts Wrap Up Debris-Panel Spacewalk

    06.06.07 - Two International Space Station cosmonauts wound up a spacewalk of 5 hours, 37 minutes from the Pirs docking compartment airlock at 4 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

  • Expedition 15 spacewalk

    Spacewalk Complete, Debris Panels Installed

    05.30.07 - Two International Space Station cosmonauts successfully completed a spacewalk from the Pirs docking compartment airlock Wednesday, installing Service Module Debris Protection panels and rerouting a Global Positioning System antenna cable.

  • Progress cargo spacecraft

    Progress Docks to Space Station

    05.15.07 - A Progress freighter with more than 2.5 tons of fuel, air, water and other supplies and equipment aboard docked with the International Space Station at 1:10 a.m. EDT Tuesday.

  • ISS image of melt water pooled on the surface of iceberg A-39D, currently drifting near South Georgia Island

    An Unprecedented Polar View

    05.11.07 - The International Polar Year will have unprecedented access to an out-of-this-world platform -- 210 miles up in space.

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  • ISS014-E-16250 -- Expedition 14

    Expedition 14 Back on Earth

    4.21.07 - Commander Mike Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin, the 14th crew of the International Space Station, landed safely in their Soyuz spacecraft Saturday at 8:31 EDT in the steppes of Kazakhstan.