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  • NASA'S Exploration Associate Administrator Doug Cooke To Retire

    08.16.11 - Doug Cooke, who worked for nearly 38 years in NASA's space shuttle, International Space Station and exploration systems programs, will retire from the agency effective Oct. 3.

  • Mississippi And Louisiana Students To Call Space Station Astronauts

    08.15.11 - Students gathered at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi will place a long distance call to astronauts aboard the International Space Station at 1:35 p.m. EDT on Thursday, Aug. 18.

  • Minnesota Scouts Call Space Station Astronauts

    08.04.11 - Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other students in St. Paul, Minn., will make a special call to the International Space Station on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 12:55 p.m. EDT.

  • NASA Television To Broadcast Space Station Spacewalk

    08.01.11 - NASA Television To Broadcast Space Station Spacewalk

  • NASA and International Partners Discuss New Uses for Space Station

    07.26.11 - The Multilateral Coordination Board (MCB) for the International Space Station partner agencies met Tuesday, July 26, to discuss how to use the space station as a test bed for technologies that will enable missions beyond low Earth orbit.

  • Next Space Station Crew Available For Media Interviews

    07.20.11 - The next crew to launch to the International Space Station will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, July 27 at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #23

    07.19.11 - Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station early Tuesday, marking the end of shuttle visits to the orbiting laboratory that owes much of its existence to the 37 flights they made to help build and maintain it.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #24

    07.19.11 - The final shuttle crew’s final full day in space began with a fanfare – literally – and fond greetings from Florida.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #22

    07.18.11 - The final space shuttle crew is now just hours away from undocking from the International Space Station, one more time.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #19

    07.17.11 - Moving days aboard the International Space Station are nearing completion for the station and shuttle crews.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #20

    07.17.11 - The STS-135 flight day 11 wakeup call came from Houston, as always, but in a broader sense of the word than usual.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #17

    07.16.11 - All four Atlantis crew members worked Saturday to move equipment and supplies between the International Space Station and the multi-purpose logistics module Raffaello.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #18

    07.16.11 - After several days of wakeup calls from celebrities, the STS-135 crew kicked off their 10th day in space with a message from some of the stars of the Space Shuttle Program.

  • NASA Announces Winners Of Space Flight Awareness Award

    07.14.11 - NASA's Space Flight Awareness Program recognized 143 civil servants and contractors for their outstanding support of human spaceflight.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #10

    07.13.11 - The space shuttle Atlantis crew received a special wakeup call today to kick off flight day 6 of the STS-135 mission.

  • NASA Selects Nonprofit to Manage Space Station National Lab Research

    07.13.11 - NASA has selected the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space Inc. (CASIS) to develop and manage the U.S. portion of the International Space Station that will be operated as a national laboratory.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #09

    07.12.11 - Two International Space Station astronauts completed a six-hour, 31-minute spacewalk at 2:53 p.m. CDT Tuesday, retrieving a failed pump module for return to Earth, installing two experiments and repairing a new base for the station’s robotic arm.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #06

    07.11.11 - Space shuttle Atlantis’ crew will be getting down to the main objective of their mission today, as they temporarily install the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module on the International Space and begin unloading its contents.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #04

    07.10.11 - Space shuttle Atlantis’ crew began their third day in space at 2:29 a.m., just hours away from the scheduled final docking of a space shuttle with the International Space Station.

  • STS-135 MCC Status Report #05

    07.10.11 - Atlantis docked with the International Space Station at 10:07 a.m. CDT Sunday with a cargo-carrying module in its payload bay filled with equipment and supplies for the orbiting laboratory.