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  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #10

    03.01.11 - By the end of the day, the International Space Station will have an extra 2,472 cubic feet of storage space, following the installation of the Leonardo Permanent Multipurpose Module.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #11

    03.01.11 - The International Space Station has a new room, filled with equipment, supplies and a new device that could be a precursor of spacewalking robots.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #08

    02.28.11 - The first planned spacewalk of mission STS-133 is at the heart of today’s busy activities in space. The 12 crew members now aboard the space station began their day with a wake-up call at 5:23 a.m. CST.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #09

    02.28.11 - Discovery spacewalkers wrapped up a six-hour, 34-minute spacewalk Monday, moving a failed 800-pound ammonia pump module, installing an extension cable and extending the rail track along the station's main truss.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #06

    02.27.11 - With more than 2,000 pounds of supplies and hardware to deliver to the International Space Station, space shuttle Discovery’s crew has a busy day of transfer work ahead of them.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #04

    02.26.11 - Space shuttle Discovery has been steadily catching up to the International Space Station overnight and will be making its final docking with the orbiting laboratory at 1:16 p.m.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #05

    02.26.11 - Space shuttle Discovery docked to the International Space Station at 1:14 p.m. CST Saturday with its cargo of a new station module, equipment and supplies for the orbiting laboratory.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #03

    02.25.11 - Discovery's astronauts performed an inspection of the orbiter’s thermal protection system.

  • STS-133 MCC Status Report #02

    02.25.11 - Space shuttle Discovery’s six crew members are awake and ready to embark on their first full day in space for the mission.

  • NASA Sets Launch Date for Space Shuttle Discovery Mission

    02.18.11 - Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to begin an 11-day mission to the International Space Station with a launch at 4:50 p.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 24, from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

  • NASA Teleconference About Nonprofit Management Of Space Station

    02.16.11 - NASA released today a final version of a cooperative agreement notice (CAN) for an independent, nonprofit research management organization to stimulate, develop and manage U.S. use of the International Space Station National Laboratory.

  • NASA TV Airs Second European Cargo Craft Flight To Space Station

    02.09.11 - NASA Television plans live coverage of the launch and automated docking of the second unpiloted European cargo ship that will deliver approximately seven tons of fuel, food and supplies to the International Space Station.

  • Spacewalk From International Space Station Will Air On NASA TV

    02.09.11 - Two Russian cosmonauts will step outside the International Space Station on Wednesday, Feb. 16. NASA Television coverage of the spacewalk will begin at 6:45 a.m. CST.

  • NASA Participates In United Nations Outreach Seminar On The International Space Station

    02.08.11 - NASA participated today in a seminar to create awareness among United Nations member states on potential uses of the International Space Station.

  • NASA Deputy Administrator Visits Nevada Innovation Sites

    02.04.11 - NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver visited Las Vegas today to meet with Nevada entrepreneurs and discuss innovations in space exploration and technology development critical to America's future in space.

  • International Partners Discuss Space Station Operations

    02.03.11 - The International Space Station partner agencies met Thursday, Feb. 3, by videoconference to discuss coordinating the increased use of the space station as a research laboratory.

  • NASA Names Winning Experiments In Kids Micro-G Challenge

    02.03.11 - Astronauts aboard the International Space Station this spring will conduct six experiments designed by middle school students from across the country.

  • NASA Media Accreditation For Next Space Shuttle Flight Ends Feb. 11

    01.25.11 - The deadline for media accreditation for the February space shuttle launch to the International Space station ends on Feb. 11.

  • Next International Space Station Crew Holds News Conference

    01.20.11 - The next three crew members to live and work aboard the International Space Station will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. CST on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

  • NASA Television To Air Space Station Spacewalk

    01.19.11 - Two Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station will conduct a spacewalk Friday, Jan. 21, to prepare the complex for future assembly and experiment work.