Flight Engineer Sandra Magnus' Space Station Journals

    ISS018-E-014682: Astronaut Sandra Magnus
    Image above: Astronaut Sandra Magnus, Expedition 18 flight engineer, is pictured among stowage containers floating freely in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA

Journal Entries

  • The Night Pass

    The Night Pass

    "Even though the Earth’s horizon is dark, light provided by the clouds and the city lights reflecting off of the clouds, provides enough illumination to discern the difference between the Earth and space."

  • Exploration


    "As we push the boundaries of exploration further and further, the technology, equipment, and techniques that are required become more and more complex as we develop and test them, use them, and then refine them."

  • ISS018-E-021770 -- Desert

    Our Amazing Planet – Views From Space

    "I have not yet become tired of gazing out the window and watching the world go by and looking for interesting things to capture as memories."

  • iss018e018423 -- Sandra Magnus

    Food and Cooking in Space, Part 2

    "The only thing that I have to be careful about is keeping the bag shut or else I will end up propelling the mixture across the Service Module."

  • ISS018-E-015340 -- Sandra Magnus

    Food and Cooking in Space

    "When you think about it, food is an important part of our lives."

  • ISS018-E-013808 -- Sandra Magnus

    A Typical Day

    "I am going to try to describe a typical day of life on the ISS."

  • ISS018-E-010646 -- Sandra Magnus

    Our Beautiful Planet

    "Well, I have been here for almost a month and finally things have slowed down enough that I am getting to spend time at the window occasionally."

  • Astronaut Sandra Magnus

    Living in Space

    "Well, the Shuttle has left (and has, a matter of fact, safely landed) and we are getting some much needed rest."

  • Sandra Magnus

    Back in Space Again!

    "Well, here I am back in space again. Before the launch I was wondering what it would be like to come back. "

  • Expedition 18 Flight Engineer Sandra Magnus

    Contemplating Training

    "After nearly three and a half years the launch date is finally only a few weeks away."

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