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JSC2006-E-45212 - Mission Specialist Clayton Anderson Image above: Mission Specialist Clayton Anderson made his first shuttle flight on STS-117. Anderson served as a flight engineer on Expeditions 15 and 16. Image credit: NASA

Clay Anderson with his mother
Epilogue: "I Miss You, Mom..."
On November 7, 2007, the Space Shuttle Discovery glided to a picture perfect landing at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) near Cape Canaveral, Florida.
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STS-120 landing
Prologue: "It's All Relative... ."
I have now been back on terra firma, our home planet Earth, for about 3 months.
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“A Note to My Family…!”
Chapter 13: “A Note to My Family…!”
This journal chapter will be my final one from orbit. It is a very special chapter for me as my time in this wonderful place is coming to an end.
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“The Hard Thump of Reality…!”
Chapter 12: “The Hard Thump of Reality…!”
When I was about 8 years old, my parents woke my brother and sister and me up in the middle of the night, on Christmas Eve of 1968.
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“There’s a New Sheriff in Town…!”
Chapter 11: “There’s a New Sheriff in Town…!”
I am going to miss them. Expedition 15 Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Soyuz Commander and Flight Engineer 1 Oleg Kotov departed the International Space Station (ISS) today for Earth.
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“In the Blink of an Eye…!”
Chapter 10: “In the Blink of an Eye…!”
Wow! It’s almost time for me to go home. Where did the time go?
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Let’s Take Her Out for a Spin, Shall We?!
Chapter 9: “Let’s Take Her Out for a Spin, Shall We?!”
How many different types of vehicles have you ridden in during your lifetime?
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So Now What Do We Do?!
Chapter 8: “So Now What Do We Do?!”
No more spacewalks; no more robotic arm operations. So what do we do now? Well, that’s an easy question to answer.
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Houston, ISS on Space to Ground 2…for Teamwork and 100 Days
Chapter 7: “Houston, ISS on Space to Ground 2…for Teamwork and 100 Days.”
I am indeed a very lucky man. Not because I am in space, living onboard the International Space Station (ISS), whizzing around our beautiful planet at 17,500 miles an hour and enjoying the views of a lifetime.
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Expedition 15 and STS-118 crews
Chapter 6: "Must You Go…Can’t You Stay Just a Little Bit Longer???"
I miss them already… the crew of STS-118 and the beautiful ship Endeavour.
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iss015e21701 -- Space Shuttle Endeavour
Chapter 5: “Visitors…From Another Planet!!!”
I don’t think that I ever could have imagined that I would have been living off of the Planet Earth for almost 2 months!
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ISS015-E-17020 --- Mount Rainier in Washington
Chapter 4: "Please Put Your Boots on Before You Go Outside…!"
As a youngster, I recall those winter days back in Nebraska when we wanted to go outside and play in the snow.
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ISS015-E-17052 --- The Great Salt Lake in Utah
Chapter 3: “I’ll Take World Geography for $2000, Alex…!”
My mission elapsed time (MET) is now 31 days and climbing! Can you believe it? I have now been living "off the planet" for over one month!
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Richat Structure
Chapter 2: “So What is it Like…Really???”
One of my ground-based journal chapters speculated on what life in space might really be like. At that time, I honestly had no idea, but I promised my dedicated readers that I would find out…and soon!
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Space shuttle Atlantis
Chapter 1: "…And Then There Were Three!"
Wow! I can’t believe it…here I am, safely on orbit, living onboard the International Space Station. The last eleven days have seemed like a Category 5 hurricane to me.
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JSC2006-E-49770 - Astronaut Clayton Anderson
Clayton Anderson’s ISS Training Journals
At the beginning of his International Space Station training in Russia, Clayton Anderson began a journal about his experiences. He hopes to continue writing all the way through his first visit to the station.
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Expedition 15 Gallery
Expedition 15 Gallery
Visit the Expedition 15 photo gallery.
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