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Sunita Williams' Frequently Asked Questions:
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Is there a way that you received nourishment during your 6- to 7-hour EVA?
Not really when we are outside. We have a drink bag inside the suit, so we have water, but no food. Same is true for the Russian suit. We generally try to eat a good dinner the night before and have a good breakfast that morning. We are pretty hungry when we come back in.

How could you work straight through so many hours without a break?
We do take some breaks out there. We take a little rest and take pictures, or just take a break. The work isn't strenuous all the time, just at times. Moving around is really pretty effortless. When you are trying to move something, like a valve or manipulate a tool, that can be difficult. We have a tethers and a semi rigid ball-stack, we call a BRT, body restraint tether. So, if we do get tired of holding on, we put one of these tethers on to the surface of the Station and then can let go. The tethers work very well to hold us in place so we don't have to spend the effort doing so.

The EVAs count as exercise time and I would agree it is a physical activity. I was pretty tired after each of my EVAs. I don't think it is like lifting weights or sprinting the entire time. It is more like a marathon, so you just get tired after a while.