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Season's Greetings to All Onboard the Space Station, and to All a Good Mission
ISS014-E-10236 -- Expedition 14 crew poses for a holiday photo While stockings were hung by chimneys with care and children were snug in their beds across the globe, Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineers Sunita Williams and Mikhail Tyurin voyaged around the world in space.

Image at right: Wearing Santa Claus hats, cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin (left) and astronauts Mike Lopez-Alegria and Sunita Williams pose for a holiday photo in the Zvezda Service Module of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

Like millions around the world, for the crew of Expedition 14, this holiday season was met with bundles of joy, cheer and a special delivery. The winter festivities brought to the station crew more than 7,000 electronic postcards with warm wishes from those celebrating on Earth below.

From Mesa, Ariz. to London, England, here are some of the greetings that reached the trio who celebrated this holiday season orbiting 230 miles above their home on Earth.

Dear Expedition 14 Crew,

From: Nicolas,
Bruges, Belgium
"Best wishes to all three of you up there. Enjoy the view of mother earth during this inspiring season. I have been watching the past construction mission and you and the shuttle crew did a really great job! It will be nice to see the next additions to the space station the coming year. Kind regards."
From: Robert,
Littleton, CO
"Photos from the open cargo bay of the shuttle with Earth as a backdrop serve to make science teachers like me really envious. We know there's a great deal of work to do on the ISS but hopefully, you have a few minutes to just enjoy the view for us vicariously. Thanx for the chance to share your experience!"
From: David,
"I hear you are flying over Ireland, can you give us a wave on Christmas night. We'll be looking for you! Wish you all a happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Hope you have a safe trip home, all the best"
From: Srinivas,
Mumbai, India
"Wish you all a merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. May your dreams and ambitions go into higher orbits. Wish you all a safe and pleasant stay at the ISS and safe journey back to Earth."
From: Mark,
Dardenne Prairie, MO
"I have been following things via the Web since Discovery arrived as well as the last two shuttle missions. You guys are amazing and must be having a blast! I know it's not all fun and games and involves a lot of hard work. But how great is must be to have an office with a view like that! Best wishes for a wonderful and Merry Christmas! God Bless You!"
From: Jeremy,
Mesa, AZ
"Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays! I wish I could be on such a cool vacation in space during my winter break from school. Have a safe and great adventure!"
From: Lorenzo,
Trieste, Italy
"My best compliments for your great "out of this world" work, Merry Christmas and a happy 2007!"
From: Benjamin,
"I hope this 1st January will be one of the best in your life. I envy you, being up there in the infinite sky. Your Christmas tree will be Earth with its garland of countries in the night. Joyeuses fĂȘtes!
From: Som Mukherjee,
Sutton, England
"Wishing you this festive season a very Stellar Christmas and Happy New Year - 2007"

Amiko Nevills
NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston