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Expedition 11 Crew Profiles
Expedition 11 NASA ISS Science Officer John Phillips, left, talks with Commander Sergei Krikalev
Image above: The Expedition 11 crew. From left, NASA ISS Science Officer and Flight Engineer John Phillips, talks with Commander Sergei Krikalev during mission training. Credit: NASA

The crewmembers of Expedition 11 have each followed different paths to achieve their goals. Read their profiles below, and learn what inspires these explorers to accept the risks and rewards of space travel as they prepare for their mission to the International Space Station.

Sergei Krikalev Sergei Krikalev: From Engineering and Aerobatics to Cosmonautics
"The job itself is very interesting for me, being there and being able to look back on Earth, to do something challenging."
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John Phillips John Phillips: Persistence Punches a Ticket to the Space Station
"All that time I was continuing to apply to be an astronaut, and after many, many years I finally got their attention."
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