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Expedition 11 Crew Interviews
Recently, the Expedition 11 crewmembers took a break from their busy training schedules to talk with us about their mission to the International Space Station. Read more below about their thoughts on the risks of space exploration and the ultimate goals of the Space Station.

Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev
Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev. Credit: NASA
Sergei Krikalev: "I think it's acceptable risk. We have a saying in Russia: 'If you have altitude more than zero and speed more than zero, you have a risk.' We have pretty high speed and pretty high altitude, but that's what we train for, that's what's our profession and that what I like to do."
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Expedition 11 Flight Engineer John Phillips
NASA ISS Science Officer and Flight Engineer John Phillips. Credit: NASA
John Phillips: "We would like to carry out 100 percent, or maybe more, of our scientific program; I would like to devote some of my spare time toward extra scientific work. And finally we've got to support these Space Shuttle return-to-flight missions, STS-114 and 121. That, I think, is maybe the most unique part of our mission - that we're going to be the guys on the spot when those beautiful Shuttles come back up."
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