Meet the Team

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Meet Just a Few Members of Our Team

Joseph Veverka Joseph Veverka , Principal Investigator

Joseph Veverka's research focuses on the use of spacecraft imaging data to identify the important processes that have affected the evolution of small bodies in the solar system. He participated in the first spacecraft studies of the moons of Mars by Mariner 9 and in the first direct exploration of asteroids Gaspra and Ida by the Galileo spacecraft.
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Ken Klaasen Ken Klaasen , Deputy Principal Investigator

Ken Klaasen is the Stardust-NExT deputy Principal Investigator. His primary responsibility is inflight calibration of the onboard camera system and characterization of its performance. He is also the team lead for development of the Tempel 1 encounter science observation sequence.
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Tim Larson Timothy W. Larson, EPOXI and Stardust NExT Project Manager

Tim received his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University at Los Angeles in 1985. He worked for six years at the Hughes Aircraft Company in El Segundo, California in the Product Analysis Laboratory, where he performed thermal design, analysis, and testing of equipment used in space and airborne applications.
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Don Sweetnam Don Sweetnam, Stardust-NExT Deputy Project Manager

Mr. Donald Sweetnam has joined the mission as Deputy Project Manager. Don has been a member of the professional staff at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for over 30 years. He has conducted scientific investigations into the physical properties and atmospheres of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Io, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, Neptune, and Triton.
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Allan Cheuvront Allan Cheuvront, Spacecraft Team Chief

Allan Cheuvront has been an employee of Lockheed Martin since 1980 and involved in three deep space missions since 1988. He was a member of the Magellan Flight Team that successfully mapped the surface of Venus.
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