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Each of the three satellites weigh approximately 25 kilograms (55 pounds) when fully fueled.

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Space Technology 5 bannerimage of New Millenium Program

The Space Technology 5 (ST5) mission consists of three micro-satellites exploring the Earth's magnetic fields. The ST5 project is a part of NASA's New Millenium Program.
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 ST5 Mission
The ST5 micro-satellites successfully launched on March 22, 2006 aboard an Orbital Sciences Pegasus Rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The official launch time was 9:03:45 a.m. EST. NASA's three micro-sats were launched to test and validate new technologies for future science missions.

ST5's objective was to demonstrate and flight qualify several innovative technologies and concepts for application to future space missions.

The ST5 Project is a part of NASA's New Millennium Program, which was created to identify, develop, build, and test innovative technologies and concepts for use in future missions. Its missions are guided by future needs of NASA's Earth and Space Science program. + ST-5 completes mission, more info

 06.29.06 - NASA's Micro-Satellites Complete Mission
NASA's three orbiting micro-satellites known as Space Technology 5 have completed their planned 90-day mission.
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 04.20.06 - NASA, Space Technology 5 Status Report
In less than a month after launch, the ST5 team has checked out the ST5 spacecraft and successfully activated all technologies.
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 03.22.06 - NASA's Space Technology 5 Satellites Soar Into Space
NASA's Space Technology 5 successfully launched today at 9:04 a.m. EST, from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., on a Pegasus XL rocket.
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 03.21.06 - ST5 Spacecraft Launch Set for Wednesday
The second launch attempt of NASA's Space Technology 5 spacecraft is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22 at 9:02 a.m. EST.
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 03.06.06 - NASA Sets Media Events for Space Technology 5 Launch
NASA has set the media events to support the Space Technology 5 mission, set for launch from an Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL vehicle at 6:02 a.m. PST (9:02 EST) on March 14.
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 ST-5 Pre-Launch Teleconference
Resources and information for the news media as reported Feb. 16.
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 10.14.05 - New Satellites Push Tech Boundaries
Three birthday cake-sized spacecraft are setting miniaturization records.
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 09.16.05 - Spacecraft Pick Up Earthly Aurora
This week's sunspot created some brilliant light shows on Earth.
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 09.12.05 - Huge Solar Flares Continue
One sunspot does not seem to be letting up and may affect communications on Earth.
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 08.01.05 - Goddard Team Pushes Technology
Goddard’s Space Technology 5 (ST5) Project is building and testing a miniaturization concept with three small satellites.
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 06.03.05 - NASA 'Evolutionary' software automatically designs antenna.
NASA 'Evolutionary' software automatically designs antenna.
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 Pegasus drops from under the L-1011 aircraft
ST5 Launch
Take a look back at pre-launch and launch coverage activities.
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 Mission Planner screen image
NASA Mission Planner
Help NASA plot the course for future space shuttle and robotic missions -- and find out if you've got the right stuff.
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 A Pegasus rocket flies in the sky.
ST5: Coast to Coast
Members of NASA's Launch Services Program discuss their roles for launching the Pegasus rocket.
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 An artist's graphic of ST5 in space.
Three of a Kind
NASA is set to launch a trio of satellites built to test new technology.
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 ST5 launch animation
Watch ST5's Unusual Launch Plan
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 ST5 artist concept
The ST5 Mission's Incredible Animations
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 ST5 Program at NASA
Learn more about NASA's role with the ST5 mission.
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NASA New Millenium Program
Learn more about testing advanced technology in space flight.
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NASA's Space Place
NMP's educational website for children.
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