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The ST5 satellites will orbit at an altitude from 186 to 2,796 miles above the Earth.

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ST5: Mission, Spacecraft, Science and Technology Webcast

Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Support SpecialistHost
Tiffany Nail
Launch Services
Go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at ST5 - a trio of satellites designed to study the Earth's magnetosphere and test autonomous technology.

Program date: March 12, 2006
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The following individuals are winners of a NASA Direct ST5 prize pack:
• Arun from Cupertino
• Marco from Tuscany

James Kennedy, Kennedy Space Center Director Special Guest:
James Kennedy
Kennedy Space Center Director
Mission Introduction
The Center director welcomes you to the ST5 mission webcast.
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Launch Weather Officer David Bieger.Special Guest:
Capt. David Bieger
Launch Weather Officer
Overview: What weather conditions are needed for a safe launch? Capt. Bieger explains, and offers the latest launch day forecast.
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"Three of a Kind" video feature highlights ST5's technology and mission.
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Chuck Dovale NASA Launch ManagerSpecial Guest:
Chuck Dovale
NASA Launch Manager
Overview: Chuck Dovale describes how the Pegasus launch vehicle was prepared for flight and gives a briefing on the status of ST5's countdown and launch.
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Image of Candace CarlisleSpecial Guest:
Candace Carlisle
Deputy Project Manager
Overview: A prerecorded feature hosted by Candace Carlisle along and Art Azarbarzin describing the technical capabilities of the ST5 micro-satellites and how the trio will perform in orbit.
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Image of Art AzarbarzinSpecial Guest:
Art Azarbarzin
Project Manager
Overview: Nail introduces in-studio guests Art Azarbarzin and Christopher Stevens for a question and answer session.
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NASA New Millennium Program Manager Christopher Stevens.Special Guest:
Christopher Stevens
Project Manager
New Millennium Program
Art Azarbarzin talks about his role as ST5 project manager.
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  ST5's scientific goals and benefits are outlined in this video presentation.
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ST5 principal investigator James SlavinSpecial Guest:
James Slavin
Project Scientist
Overview: Nail welcomes Jim Slavin to the webcast and opens the next question and answer session.
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  Dr. James Slavin talks about the magnetosphere and how it helps to protect the planet and answers your questions about the science behind ST5 and its attempt to study the Earth's magnetosphere.
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  Host Tiffany Nail wraps up the Webcast and announces the question board winners.
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