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ST5 Mission Leaders Answer Your Questions

Image of Art Azarbarzin Art Azarbarzin
ST5 Project Manager
Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA New Millennium Program Manager Christopher Stevens. Christopher Stevens
Project Manager
New Millennium Program

Note: All videos provided in Real Player format are closed-captioned.

At this point, then, what would you say are the team's greatest achievements in terms of overcoming hurdles and creating technology?
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Gentlemen, we have more questions from our viewers, so let's get started. Our first question for Dr. Stevens is Nigel from Manchester: How did the idea of launching micro-satellites come about?
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A question comes from Junichi from Nihama City: Could you tell us, tell me more about the orbits of these three satellites? Are they in geostationary orbits or in polar orbits?
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Arun from Cupertino, for you, Dr. Stevens: Will future satellites be as small and compact as ST5?
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Art, Rosalee from Vancouver would like to ask you: How much distance would the satellites be between each other in orbit, and how was that decided?
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Dr. Stevens, Sarah from Melbourne: How long will it take for the results of this mission to become available, and what do you anticipate that you might find out?
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Arun from Cupertino: Do each of the three satellites study the exact same thing, or do they each study a different aspect in the mission?
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Dr. Stevens, David from Oviedo: When the satellites are no longer operational, will they stay in their orbits indefinitely, or will they reenter the atmosphere?
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Our last question is for Art. It's from Richard from Irving: How does the ST5 system provide fault tolerance when a satellite becomes inoperable?
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NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center
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