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  • A Solar Flare and a CME

    09.22.11 - Our increasingly active Sun produced a large CME yesterday evening and an X1.4 class flare this morning. This increased solar activity is a normal byproduct as the sun approaches solar max.

  • Six CMEs in 24 Hours

    09.20.11 - The sun let loose with at least six coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from 7 PM ET on September 18, 2011 until 1 PM on September 19. One may impact Earth and spark aurora tomorrow.

  • Sunspot Breakthrough

    08.24.11 - Scientists detected several sunspot regions in the deep interior of the sun, 1-2 days before they appeared on the solar disc.

  • SOHO Watches a Comet Fading Away

    07.28.11 - SOHO and EPOXI combined forces to provide observations on Comet Hartley 2 -- which appears to be an irregular comet, belching chunks of ice and losing water at a surprisingly fast pace.

  • Sungrazer Comet In Front of the Sun

    07.07.11 - For the first time ever, SDO has captured a movie of a comet streaking directly in front of the sun.

  • Solstice Flare and CME - UPDATE

    06.24.11 - NOAA forecasters declare a 30-35% chance of geomagnetic storms during the next 24 hours due to a fast-moving stream of solar wind, combined with the CME expected to arrive on June 24, 2011.

  • Having a Solar Blast - UPDATE

    06.10.11 - Earth is still waiting for the arrival of the CME unleashed June 7, 2011 but the forecasts of the glancing blow have been substantially reduced. The Sun unleashed an M-2 solar flare, an S-1 radiation storm and a spectacular coronal mass ejection in the early hours of June 7, 2011.

  • SOHO Spots Comet #2000

    12.28.10 - The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spots its 2000th comet: More than any comet-hunter in history.

  • Triple Solar Eruption

    12.12.10 - Solar activity surged on Dec. 12, when the sun erupted three times in quick succession, hurling a trio of bright coronal mass ejections into space.

  • Solar Observation Mission Celebrates 15 Years

    12.01.10 - Since launch in 1995, SOHO has revolutionized what we know about the solar atmosphere and violent solar storms produced by the sun.

  • 500,000 Solar Snapshots and Counting

    09.02.10 - All told, EIT instrument aboard SOHO has amassed more than 500,000 images during its 14½ years of operation. Except for a four-month hiatus in 1998, this record has gone unbroken.

  • Labor Day Weekend Solar CME

    09.07.10 - NASA's SDO and SOHO spacecraft catches the Sun celebrating Labor Day Weekend with a coronal mass ejection on September 4.

  • August 7th CME to Produce Aurora on Earth

    08.10.10 - The coronal mass ejection (CME) generated by the August 7th solar flare will produce aurora.

  • New Solar Cycle Sunspot

  • SOHO Celebrates 1,500th Comet Discovery

    06.27.08 - SOHO has discovered its 1500th comet, making it more successful than all the other discoverers of comets throughout history put together.

  • Solar Flares Set the Sun Quaking

    04.23.08 - Powerful starquakes ripple around the sun in the wake of mighty solar flares.

  • SOHO to Give Early Warning of Radiation Storms

    02.27.08 - Advance warning of radiation storms could give astronauts time to take cover and allow satellite operators to take protective measures.

  • SOHO Mission Discovers Rare Comet

    09.26.07 - SOHO has found over 1,350 comets so far, but this one is different

  • Get Ready to Explore the Heart of the Sun

    05.10.07 - Journey to the center of the sun with SOHO.

  • Summer Solar Storms

    08.22.06 - A beautiful flare headed off the sun and towards Earth in mid-August.