Meet the Team

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Meet the team of the O/OREOS Nanosatellite
ooreos team

The O/Oreos team.

Photo Credit: NASA Ames Research Center / Dominic Hart

O/OREOS Team Members:

* Pascale Ehrenfreund, project scientist, Space Policy Institute at George Washington University
* David Squires, project manager, Ames
* John Hines, O/OREOS technical advisor, Ames
* Antonio Ricco, instrument technologist, Ames
* Elwood Agasid, Nanosatellite Missions Office Manager, Ames
* The O/OREOS science team includes Rocco Mancinelli of the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute, Sonoma, Calif., and Richard Quinn of the SETI Institute, Mountain View, Calif.; Andrew Mattioda and Orlando Santos, Ames; and Wayne Nicholson, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl.
* Support scientists include Nathan Bramall, Katie Bryson, Julie Chittenden and Amanda Cook at Ames.
* Bruce Yost, O/OREOS mission manager
* The O/OREOS engineering team includes Richard Aros, Chris Beasley, Robert Burney, Roland Burton, Greg Defouw, Millan Diaz-Aguado, Daniel Dittman, Charlie Friedericks, Shakib Ghassemieh, Michael Henschke, Lynn Hoffland, Jeff Lin, Diana Ly, Nghia Mai, Dionna Marshall, Christina Mayberry, Michael McIntyre, Giovanni Minelli, Richard Morrison, Andrea Nazzal, Macarena Parra, Matthew Piccini, Bob Ricks, Karolyn Ronzano, Aaron Schooley, Eric Stackpole and Linda Timucin at Ames and Chris Kitts and Mike Rasay at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Calif.