Space Shuttle Features

  • Space Shuttle System

    Shuttle Basics

    The world's first reusable spacecraft launched like a rocket, maneuvered in Earth orbit like a spacecraft and landed like an airplane.

  • Orbiter

    The Orbiter

    From crew module to flight deck, middeck to payload bay -- explore the crew's home in orbit.

  • Space Shuttle Main Engines

    Space Shuttle Main Engines

    The three Space Shuttle Main Engines, in conjunction with the Solid Rocket Boosters, provided the thrust to lift the Orbiter off the ground for the initial ascent.

  • External Tank

    The External Tank

    The 'gas tank' for the orbiter fed the Shuttle's main engines and was the only component of the system that was not reused.

  • Solid Rocket Boosters

    Solid Rocket Boosters

    The solid rocket motor was the largest solid propellant motor ever developed for space flight and the first built to be used on a manned craft.