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Shuttle launches, a space station tour and more in high definition.

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STS-135 Atlantis Photo Gallery

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STS-135 Postflight Image Gallery

STS-135 Flight Day 14 Gallery

Empire State Building Tribute

Empire State Building Tribute

The Empire State Building in New York City will pay tribute to, and celebrate, the Space Shuttle Program Wednesday night by lighting the way home for Atlantis and its crew.

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Interactive Features

  • STS-134

    STS-135: Mission Timeline

    Commander Chris Ferguson and the Atlantis crew carry supplies to the International Space Station on the final mission of the space shuttle.

  • Space Shuttle 30th anniversary

    The Space Shuttle Era

    Since April 12, 1981, NASA has been sending shuttles into orbit, launching and repairing satellites and building the International Space Station.

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