1:30 a.m. CDT Thursday, May 20, 2010
Mission Control Center, Houston, Texas
STS-132 MCC Status Report #12
HOUSTON – The space shuttle crew gets a little break from the busy pace of the last several days. Today they will open the hatches on the new module Rassvet and prepare for a third spacewalk, but the shuttle astronauts will have some off-duty time as well.

The crews woke to Elvis Costello’s “Welcome to the Working Week” at 12:59 a.m. CDT. The song was played for Mission Specialist Stephen Bowen.

The first tasks of the day will focus on the new module, Mini-Research Module-1, which was attached to the International Space Station Tuesday. Expedition 23 Commander Oleg Kotov and Flight Engineer Alexander Skvortsov will perform leak checks in the Russian segment before opening hatches around 5:30 a.m.

Their station counterparts, Flight Engineers Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Mikhail Kornienko, Soichi Noguchi and T.J. Creamer will have a routine day of science work, maintenance and exercise sessions.

The shuttle crew will have a few hours of off duty time in the afternoon, but otherwise, the day will largely focus on preparations for the third and final spacewalk. Mission Specialists Garrett Reisman, Mike Good and Bowen will gather and prepare the tools needed and configure the airlock. Commander Ken Ham, Pilot Tony Antonelli and Mission Specialist Piers Sellers will join them to review the procedures before Reisman and Good settle in to spend the night in the Quest module as part of the “camp out” for their excursion.

Ham, Antonelli, Sellers and Caldwell Dyson will talk with media representatives at 7:25 a.m. The event, with media from the Associated Press, FOX News Radio and CBS News, will air live on NASA television.

The next status report will be issued after the end of the crew workday or earlier if events warrant.

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