Launch and Landing

    Mission: STS-132
    Space Shuttle: Atlantis
    Primary Payload: Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC), Mini Research Module (MRM1)
    Launch Date: May 14, 2010
    Launch Time: 2:20 p.m. EDT
    Launch Pad: 39A
    Landing: May 26, 2010
    Landing Time: 8:48 a.m. EDT
    Landing Site: Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
    Mission Duration: 12 days
    Inclination/Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

    STS-132 Mission Bookended by On-Time Liftoff and Landing

    Space shuttle Atlantis launches on its STS-132 mission

    Image above: An exhaust plume surrounds the mobile launcher platform on Launch Pad 39A as space shuttle Atlantis lifts off on the STS-132 mission. Image credit: NASA/Tony Gray and Tom Farrar
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    Atlantis touches down at Kennedy Space Center

    Image above: Space shuttle Atlantis' main gear touches down on Runway 33 at the Shuttle Landing Facility, concluding the STS-132 mission. Image credit: NASA/Carl Winebarger
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    Space shuttle Atlantis and the STS-132 crew roared into a bright-blue Florida sky May 14, launching right on time at 2:20 p.m. EDT from Kennedy. Atlantis and its crew of six astronauts rocketed into space on the first try, beginning a two-day chase of the International Space Station.

    On board were Commander Ken Ham, Pilot Tony Antonelli, and Mission Specialists Michael Good, Garrett Reisman, Piers Sellers and Steve Bowen.

    During a nearly 12-day flight featuring three spacewalks, the astronauts successfully accomplished all the mission's objectives, delivering the Russian module "Rassvet" to the station and installing critical spare parts for the outpost's future.

    After a 12-day, 4.8-million-mile journey, Atlantis glided to a smooth touchdown at Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility on May 26 at 8:48 a.m. EDT. STS-132 was the 32nd and final scheduled flight for Atlantis, which has traveled more than 120 million miles during its 25 years of service.

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Shuttle Features

Final Planned Flight of Atlantis Delivers New 'Dawn'

The Russian-built Mini-Research Module 1 is removed from Atlantis' payload bay.

The 12-day STS-132 mission delivers a new Russian module and critical parts to the International Space Station.

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Atlantis' Crew Celebrates Charitable Strides with ...

A host of flags and patches packed for flight.

The veteran astronauts flying the STS-132 mission are carrying a number of precious symbols into orbit to call attention to notable causes.

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Atlantis' Final Mission

Atlantis' Final Mission

After almost 25 years and more than 115 million miles, space shuttle Atlantis is down to just one final mission – but it will be going out on a high note.

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Bonds of Courage, Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage

Space shuttle Atlantis will fly some very special "beads of courage" for children fighting life-threatening illnesses.

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STS-132 Mission Stats

    Mission Elapsed Time:
    11 days, 18 hours, 29 minutes, 9 seconds

    Total Miles Traveled:
    more than 4.8 million

    Official Landing Times
    Main gear touchdown:
    8:48:11 a.m. EDT
    Nose gear touchdown:
    8:48:21 a.m. EDT
    Wheels stop:
    8:49:18 a.m. EDT

Launch and Landing Coverage

Mission Extras

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  • STS-132

    STS-132: Mission Timeline

    Atlantis’ 12-day mission will deliver the Russian-built Mini Research Module-1 that will provide additional storage space and a new docking port for Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.

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