STS-131 Mission Information

    S131-E-010051: STS-131 crew
    Image above: The STS-131 crew members pose for a portrait in the cupola of the International Space Station. Pictured counter-clockwise (from top left) are Commander Alan Poindexter, Pilot James P. Dutton Jr. and Mission Specialists Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Rick Mastracchio, Naoko Yamazaki, Clayton Anderson and Stephanie Wilson. Image credit: NASA

    Commander Alan Poindexter led the STS-131 mission to the International Space Station aboard space shuttle Discovery. James P. Dutton Jr. served as the pilot. Mission Specialists were Rick Mastracchio, Clayton Anderson, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Naoko Yamazaki.

    Discovery delivered a multi-purpose logistics module filled with science racks that were transferred to laboratories on the International Space Station.

    The mission featured three spacewalks performed by Mastracchio and Anderson. They replaced an ammonia tank assembly, retrieved a Japanese experiment from the station’s exterior and switched out a rate gyro assembly on the S0 element of the station’s truss.

    STS-131 was the 33rd shuttle mission to the station.

Mission Information

  • STS-131 crew

    The STS-131 Crew

    Meet the astronauts of the STS-131 mission aboard space shuttle Discovery.

STS-131 Features

STS-131: Teamwork Overcomes Mission's Challenges

Astronaut Rick Mastracchio

Shuttle, station and ground crews make mission a success.

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The STS-131 mission patch

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Dr. Philip Scarpa and DeVon Griffin

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     STS-131 crew patch
    6:21 a.m. EDT - April 5, 2010
    9:08 a.m. EDT - April 20, 2010
    Mission Number:
    (131st space shuttle flight)
    Launch Window:
    10 minutes
    Launch Pad:
    Mission Duration:
    15 days, 2 hours, 47 minutes, 10 seconds
    Landing Site:
    51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles
    Primary Payload:
    33rd station flight (19A), Multi-Purpose Logistics Module

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