NASA's "Astro_Mike" Tweets to Take Questions Live on Ustream
S125-E-009232 -- STS-125 Mission Specialist Mike Massimino

Image above: STS-125 Mission Specialist Mike Massimino works on the Hubble Space Telescope during the mission's fourth spacewalk. Credit: NASA

In the Twitter world it is said, “In space, no one can hear you tweet.” Astronaut Mike Massimino dismissed this notion a few weeks ago on his 13-day trip aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis when he sent the first tweet from space.

Massimino is known as Astro_Mike to more than 360,000 people who followed his STS-125 space flight on twitter.com. The crew of STS-125 paid a final visit to the Hubble Space Telescope to enhance the observatory’s capabilities and extend its life. During the mission, Massimino, a New York native, performed two spacewalks.

Back on Earth, Astro_Mike is taking questions real-time exclusively from his Twitter followers during an hour-long session Wednesday June 3 from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. EDT. His followers should tweet questions that he will answer live on NASA TV and Ustream.com. To follow Massimino’s twitter updates and submit questions, visit:


In addition to being broadcast and streamed to the web on NASA TV, the internet session and interviews also may be viewed live at:

http://www.ustream.tv/NASA2Explore S125-E-012739 -- STS-125 Mission Specialist Mike Massimino

Image above: Mike Massimino uses a computer on the middeck of the Earth-orbiting space shuttle Atlantis during STS-125. Credit: NASA

The commander of the next space shuttle mission, Astronaut Mark Polansky, also is providing insights on his mission via Twitter and taking video questions that he will answer in a special session from space. To follow Polansky and submit questions, visit:


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