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STS-116 Mission Webcast
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Stephanie Stilson and astronaut Rick Linnehan present the STS-116 webcast. Hosted by Space Shuttle Discovery Flow Director Stephanie Stilson, this webcast takes you behind the scenes as NASA prepares for mission STS-116 to the International Space Station. Learn more about the mission objectives and payloads as the astronauts continue the expansion of the orbiting outpost.

Our guest astronaut, Richard M. Linnehan, answers questions about living and working in space. Linnehan flew on missions STS-78, STS-90 and STS-109, logging over 43 days in space and conducting three spacewalks totaling more than 21 hours.

During the webcast, you'll also get insight about what the astronauts eat while in orbit and how their food is prepared here on Earth.

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