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Packed for the Pad
The P3/P4 truss segment is loaded in the payload canister.
Image above: In the Space Station Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, an overhead crane moves the Port 3/4 truss segment toward to the waiting payload canister for installation in the orbiter Atlantis for mission STS-115. Photo credit: NASA/Troy Crider
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The P3/P4 truss segment is the next major addition to the 11-segment integrated truss structure that will eventually span more than 300 feet on the station. The truss, with its two large solar arrays, will provide one-fourth of the total power-generation capability of the completed station. The payload canister is expected to be loaded into Atlantis' cargo bay around the beginning of August, with the launch window opening at the end of the month. STS-115 marks the resumption of the space station's construction.