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George Diller
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

NASA's Space Shuttle Processing Status Report
Note: NASA's Kennedy Space Center issues Space Shuttle Processing Status Reports periodically and is the source for information regarding processing activities associated with the vehicles and payloads. If you are a member of the media and would like further information, visit:

Mission: STS-120 - 23rd International Space Station Flight - U.S. Node 2 (Harmony)
Vehicle: Discovery (OV-103)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 3
Launch Date: Targeted for Oct. 23, 2007
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Melroy, Zamka, Parazynski, Wheelock, Wilson, Nespoli and Tani
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

In Orbiter Processing Facility bay No. 3, workers replaced four seals and their associated components on the right-hand main landing gear strut after a hydraulic fluid leak was discovered during the "weight on wheels" test. The landing gear has been reassembled and testing is under way. If all tests are successful, Discovery will roll over to the Vehicle Assembly Building on Sunday morning.

In the assembly building, mate closeout work is complete on the external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters in high bay No. 1, and preparations are in progress for the orbiter mate on Monday. Rollout to Pad 39A is targeted for Sept. 30.

Mission: STS-122 - 24th International Space Station Flight - Columbus Module
Vehicle: Atlantis (OV-104)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 1
Launch Date: Targeted for Dec. 6, 2007
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Frick, Poindexter, Schlegel, Eyharts, Love, Melvin and Walheim
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

In Orbiter Processing Facility Bay No. 1, workers have reinstalled the left orbital maneuvering system pod, which was removed for a valve repair, and interface verification is under way. Technicians continue checkout of the water spray boiler system. Preparations for engine installation, which is scheduled for next week, are also in progress. Checkout of the orbiter docking system is complete.

ET-125, the external fuel tank for STS-122, was lifted into a checkout cell in the Vehicle Assembly Building last weekend, and processing of the tank is under way. A mobile launch platform was moved into high bay No. 3 of the assembly building this week, and stacking of the STS-122 solid rocket boosters is scheduled to begin next week.

Mission: STS-123 - 25th International Space Station Flight - Kibo, Dextre
Vehicle: Endeavour (OV-105)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 2
Launch Date: Targeted for Feb. 14, 2008
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Gorie, Johnson, Linnehan, Doi, Behnken, Foreman and Reisman
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

In Orbiter Processing Facility bay No. 2, functional testing of the orbital maneuvering system pods is nearing completion. The main landing gear tires were removed to allow for brake inspection. The orbiter boom sensor system was removed from the orbiter to allow for inspection of the pedestals, which support the boom in the payload bay.

Air data probe inspections are complete. Freon coolant loop No. 1 has been de-serviced. Repair work began this week on the left-hand radiator, which was damaged by micrometeoroid impacts during the last mission.