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Canadarm2 STS-117 Flight Day 11 Gallery STS-117 spacewalker Patrick Forrester STS-117 Flight Day 10 Gallery Expedition 15 and STS-117 crews STS-117 Flight Day 9 Gallery STS-117 Mission Specialist John (Danny) Olivas STS-117 Flight Day 8 Gallery
STS-117 Mission Specialist Steve Swanson STS-117 Flight Day 6 Gallery STS-117 Commander Rick Sturckow STS-117 Flight Day 5 Gallery MCC flight control team STS-117 Mission Control Center Gallery Astronauts Jim Reilly STS-117 Flight Day 4 Gallery
The Space Shuttle Atlantis approaches the ISS STS-117 Flight Day 3 Gallery Astronaut Clayton Anderson STS-117 Flight Day 2 Gallery The launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-117 Flight Day 1 Gallery Space Shuttle Atlantis stands bathed in lights after rollback of the rotating service structure at Launch Pad 39A. STS-117 Launch Day Image Gallery
Winning STS-118 Student Pennant Student Designs Pennant for STS-118 Shuttle Atlantis heads for the launch pad. Atlantis Returns to Launch Pad Space Shuttle Atlantis rolls out to Launch Pad 39A Atlantis One Step Closer to Launch Engine test at Stennis Space Center, Miss. From Shuttle to Orion
External tank showing effects of hail storm Florida Storm Affects External Tank Astronauts Robert Curbeam and Joan Higginbotham at the White House Astronauts Honored at the White House Astronaut Steven Swanson STS-117 Preflight Gallery Payload canister at launch pad. Last Step on Earth
Post-flight Imagery STS-116 Post-flight Imagery Discovery touches down concluding mission STS-116 STS-116 Landing Day Image Gallery S116-E-07831 -- Department of Defense pico-satellite known as Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment STS-116 Flight Day 13 Gallery JSC2006-E-54702 -- Discovery's Payload Bay STS-116 Flight Day 12 Gallery
The International Space Station moves away from Space Shuttle Discovery STS-116 Flight Day 11 Gallery STS-116 spacewalk STS-116 Flight Day 10 Gallery Space station with Soyuz and Progress crafts STS-116 Flight Day 9 Gallery S116-E-06606 -- Astronauts Robert Curbeam and Sunita Williams work near the International Space Station's left P6 solar array wing STS-116 Flight Day 8 Gallery
S116-E-06472 -- The STS-116 and Expedition 14 crew members STS-116 Flight Day 7 Gallery STS-116 spacewalker STS-116 Flight Day 6 Gallery KSC-06PD-2794 -- Solid Rocket Boosters Discovery's Solid Rocket Boosters in the Ocean Flight Day 5 STS-116 Flight Day 5 Gallery
Astronaut Robert Curbeam, Jr., STS-116 mission specialist STS-116 Flight Day 4 Gallery View of the nose and part of the crew cabin of Space Shuttle Discovery STS-116 Flight Day 3 Gallery Nicholas J. M. Patrick on the flight deck STS-116 Flight Day 2 Gallery Flight Day 1 STS-116 Flight Day 1 Gallery
Shuttle flight control room STS-116 MCC Gallery Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-116. STS-116 Launch Day Image Gallery Astronaut Jerry Ross with Canadarm Space Shuttle Canadarm Robotic Arm Gallery Sunlight brightens Space Shuttle Discovery. Discovery Reports to the Launch Pad for STS-116
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