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Shuttle Payloads and Related Information - TDRS
Space shuttle flights carrying deployable Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Systems (TDRS) spacecraft and attached Inertial Upper Stage booster as the primary payload.

STS-6 April 4 - 9, 1983. TDRS-A was deployed, became TDRS-1 once on orbit.
STS-51-L Jan. 28, 1986. TDRS-B, slated to become TDRS-2 on orbit was lost in the Challenger accident. Its designation was not re-assigned to a subsequent TDRS spacecraft.
STS-26 Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 1988. TDRS-C deployed to become TDRS-3 on orbit.
STS-29 March 13 - 18, 1989. TDRS-D deployed to become TDRS-4 on orbit.
STS-43 Aug. 2 - 11, 1991. TDRS-E deployed to become TDRS-5 on orbit.
STS-54 Jan. 13 - 19, 1993. TDRS-F deployed to become TDRS-6 on orbit.
STS-70 July 13 - 22, 1995. TDRS-G deployed to become TDRS-7 on orbit.