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Pad Terminal Connection Room
Overview: The Pad Terminal Connection Room is located on the west side of the flame trench, underneath the elevated hardstand. It is covered with as much as 20 feet of dirt fill. Housed here in a reinforced concrete room is the equipment that links elements of the shuttle, mobile launcher platform and the pad with the launch processing system headquartered in the Launch Control Center. Checkout, countdown and launch of the shuttle are performed and controlled through the launch processing system.

                          Launch Complex 39A stands ready for processing activities.

Image above: Launch Complex 39A is unscathed and stands ready for processing activities following Hurricane Frances. The storm's path over Florida took it through Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center property during Labor Day weekend. There was no damage to the space shuttle orbiters or to any other flight hardware. Credit: NASA/KSC
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center