Space Shuttle Program Announces Commemorative Patch Contest Winner
The Space Shuttle Program has selected Mr. Blake Dumesnil’s design as the winner in the Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch Contest. The design, coincidentally, also received the highest percentage of votes in an internal NASA People’s Choice poll.

The quality of all submissions and the emotion behind the designs showed tremendous commitment and loyalty to the Space Shuttle Program. The judges were very impressed with the quality and imagination of the designs and found the task of narrowing the choices to only one to be very difficult.

First place SSP patch by Blake Dumesnil First Place:
Mr. Blake Dumesnil, Hamilton Sundstrand, Johnson Space Center

Second place SSP patch by Jennifer Franzo Second Place:
Ms. Jennifer Franzo, Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans

Third place SSP patch by Tim Gagnon Third Place:
Mr. Tim Gagnon, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

The artwork for the winning patch will be flown and awarded to the winner in a presentation by Space Shuttle Program Manager John Shannon at the STS-130 Crew Debrief at Space Center Houston in early March. Second and third place winners are invited to receive their awards at this venue.

All entries have been manifested and will be flown aboard Atlantis (STS-132), which is scheduled to fly in May. The participants will receive a CD that contains all of the flown designs.

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