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Leland Melvin Transcript

To me, it's similar to getting ready for the big game. You know, the big playoff game.

And you're in the locker room and putting on your cleats and you just -- you know -- listen to some music, or (you're) in the corner trying to stay quiet.

And it's not until you get out on the field and hear the crowd screaming that you start getting yourself ready.

Not ready, but -- you know -- mentally spun-up for the game.

Because, you know, in this business from one day to another anything can happen and delay your mission or delay your launch or whatever.

So, I think when we're strapped in and the countdown clock is going in the right direction and you hear this ignition and this motion behind you, that's when I'll say, 'Ok, game time.'


Just like with sports, I mean, I remember there were times when my coach, Dal Shealy, would come into our room before the game -- the night before the game -- and tell me to close my eyes and (say), 'Leland, you are in the end zone, pulling the ball in; pulling it to your body, catching it. We're winning the game.'

Or just going through the mechanics of what you're doing. And when you visualize it and sleep on it, then when you wake up the next day you've already done it.

And so doing it is really second nature to you. It's in your subconscious.