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Phoenix Prelaunch Webcast
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Tiffany Nail Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Specialist
Join host Tiffany Nail as she takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour to see how the Phoenix spacecraft and Delta II rocket are prepared for launch as this exciting new mission to Mars is poised to take us another step closer to understanding the mysteries of the red planet. In addition, the experts are set to answer some of your questions that were submitted to our question board, so watch the webcast to learn more. + View Question Board

Guests include:

Chuck Dovale Chuck Dovale, NASA Launch Director
Visit the launch pad as the powerful Delta II rocket takes shape.

Ronald G. Mueller Ronald G. Mueller, Mission Manager
See the Phoenix spacecraft's final preparation in the clean room.

Peter Smith Peter Smith, Phoenix Principal Investigator, University of Arizona
Get the answers to questions about the science of the mission.