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Go for Launch

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Meet the Launch Team
NASA's Launch Services Program gives the 'go' for launch!

The launch team members assemble at their computer and communication consoles in the Launch Control Center at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station about three to four hours before the launch.

The NASA launch director is the highest authority during the countdown and provides NASA's "go/no-go" decision to the mission director.

Before liftoff, the launch director checks with the launch team to make sure all the criteria are met and that the payload and rocket are ready to go.

Images of launch control, data center, and telemetry lab.

Chuck Dovale

Chuck Dovale, NASA Launch Director
The launch director ensures that the countdown and launch decision processes are properly followed.
David Sollberger

David Sollberger, NASA Deputy Chief Engineer
The chief engineer is responsible for advising the launch manager of the launch vehicle's engineering and analysis status for launch.
Ronald G. Mueller

Ronald G. Mueller, Mission Manager
The mission manager serves as the primary interface between the spacecraft and the launch vehicle.
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Shannon Bartell

Shannon Bartell, Chief Safety Officer
The chief safety officer is responsible for spacecraft and launch vehicle overall safety, quality and assessment of the launch countdown.
Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein, Phoenix Project Manager
The manager provides the overall assessment of the spacecraft and its readiness to launch.
Joe Lackovich

Joe Lackovich, NASA Advisory Manager
The advisory manager provides consultation for assessing the launch process and countdown.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center