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Launch Coverage

Spacecraft: Phoenix
Launch Vehicle: Delta II
Launch Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 17-A
Launch Date: Aug. 4, 2007
Launch Time: 5:26:34 a.m. EDT

Perfect Early Morning Liftoff for Phoenix
Sitting atop a Delta II rocket, the Phoenix spacecraft experienced a successful early-morning liftoff for the beginning of its journey toward Mars. After a flawless countdown with perfect weather conditions, the rocket roared to life as it lit up the dark morning sky.

Delta II rocket lifts off the launch pad.Image above: The Delta II rocket with the Phoenix spacecraft onboard lifts off. Image credit: NASA/Sandra Joseph and John Kechele
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The Rocket
The Phoenix spacecraft began its journey toward Mars aboard a Delta II rocket. The Delta II is designed to boost medium-sized satellites and robotic explorers into space. NASA selected a model 7925 for this mission, which is a three-stage rocket equipped with nine strap-on solid rocket boosters and a 9.5-foot payload fairing to protect the spacecraft during launch.

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