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    Phoenix landed on Mars on May 25. Read blogs posted by the mission team throughout the week.

    Brent Shockley Landing Day
    May 25 - Welcome back to the Phoenix landing blog, being written from JPL in Pasadena, CA, where today engineers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Phoenix spacecraft at Mars.
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    Brent Shockley Closing in on Mars
    May 24 - As I write this, Phoenix is 27 hours from entry, descent, and landing on Mars. The spacecraft is in good health, and today teams are focusing on whether we need a final trajectory correction maneuver tonight.
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    Brent Shockley Two Days to Go
    May 23 - The weather looks good on Mars for landing on Sunday. Plus, some fun facts about Phoenix.
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    Brent Shockley Three Million Miles to Go - And More Questions Answered
    May 22 - The spacecraft is operating well for us as the teams continue to work on the final landing simulations and trajectory analyses.
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    Deborah Bass Answers to Questions About Habitability
    May 22 - Three days and counting! Plus, answers to questions about habitability versus life.
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    Leslie Tamppari Science Team Preps for Landing
    May 22 - As Phoenix approaches its final destination, the science team in Tucson, Arizona, is discussing how to divide up the digging area once the spacecraft is safely on Mars.
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    Brent Shockley Spacecraft Status and Questions Answered
    May 21 - If you were hitching a ride on Phoenix, right now Mars would look about a third the size of the full moon viewed from Earth.
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    Deborah Bass Habitability Versus Searching for Life
    May 20 - I keep getting asked about whether Phoenix will find life on Mars, so I've thought quite a bit about what Phoenix is and is not doing.
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    Brent Shockley Kickoff for Phoenix Landing Blog
    May 19 - Welcome to the kick-off entry for the Phoenix entry, descent and landing (EDL) blog from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.
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