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OSTM/Jason-2 Prelaunch Webcast
OSTM/Jason-2 Webcast Watch the OSTM/Jason-2 webcast to learn more about the spacecraft, the Delta II rocket and the goals of this exciting mission.
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Tiffany Nail Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Specialist
Join host Tiffany Nail for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the GLAST mission.

Guests include:

Armando Piloto, mission manager Armando Piloto , Launch Services Program Mission Manager
The mission manger for OSTM/Jason-2 will explain how the rocket and spacecraft are prepared for launch.

Josh Willis, JPL oceanographer Josh Willis, Oceanographer - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The oceanographer will describe how OSTM/Jason-2 will collect data about the Earth's waterways and how that information will help lilfe on Earth.