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New Horizons Firing Room

The launch team members assemble at their computer and communication consoles in the Launch Control Center at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station about three to four hours before the launch.

The NASA launch manager is the highest authority during the launch of the mission and provides NASA's "Go/No-Go" decision to the mission director.

Before liftoff, the launch manager checks with the launch team to make sure all the criteria are met and that the payload and Lockheed Martin Atlas V vehicle are ready to go.
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Video note: This video is a general overview of the final minutes leading up to launch and is not connected to this particular mission.

Omar Baez NASA Launch Manager

Omar Baez, NASA Launch Manager (NLM)
The NLM is responsible for ensuring that the countdown and launch decision processes are properly conducted. He requires "Go/No-Go" concurrence from the following elements: NCE, MIM, SMA, SHIA, SMD and NAM. He then provides NASA's "Go/No-Go" for launch to the New Horizons Mission Director. The NLM serves as the NASA Launch Director.
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James Wood NASA Chief Engineer

James Wood, NASA Chief Engineer (NCE)
The NASA engineering team leader is responsible for advising the NLM of the launch vehicle's engineering and analysis status and the Go/No-Go for launch. He receives the status and assessment from the Kennedy Engineering Team and provides a "Go/No-Go" to the NLM.
Mike Stelzer Mission Integration Manager

Mike Stelzer, Mission Integration Manager (MIM)
The mission integration manager's responsibility is to perform an assessment of launch service and observatory readiness. The MIM receives information from the New Horizons mission director on issues pertaining to overall health, status of operational network and/or progress of countdown operations. The MIM is the primary interface between the spacecraft and the launch vehicle.
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Bert Garrido NASA Safety & Mission Assurance Manager

Bert Garrido, Safety & Mission Assurance Manager (SMA)
The NASA safety and mission assurance manager represents NASA SMA (spacecraft and launch vehicle) and is responsible for the overall safety, quality, and independent assessment aspects of the launch countdown.
Glen Fountain Project Manager

Glen Fountain, Spacecraft Mission Director (SMD)
The spacecraft mission director's responsibility is for the overall assessment of the New Horizons spacecraft and its readiness to launch. The SMD will receive status and recommendations from the New Horizons launch support team. He provides the spacecraft "Go/No-Go" to the NLM.
Joe Lackovich NASA Advisory Manager

Joe Lackovich, NASA Advisory Manager (NAM)
The NASA advisory manager performs in an advisory capacity only involving assessment of the launch process and countdown. The NAM leads a team composed of NASA personnel who are experienced in launch operations. The Advisory Team provides an assessment of the launch countdown and launch team performance, and assures that the launch decision process is properly executed.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center

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