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New Horizons Project Scientist Answers Your Questions

Project Scientist Hal Weaver Dr. Harold (Hal) Weaver Jr.
Project Scientist
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Note: All videos provided in Real Player format are Closed Captioned.

1. Our first question comes from Colleen from Long Island: Will New Horizons find ice geysers and ice plumes that fill Pluto's atmosphere, like on Neptune's moon, Triton?
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2. Junichi from Japan: Pluto's moon, Charon, is extraordinarily large as compared to Earth and Earth's moon. How do you suppose Pluto's moon, Charon, was formed?
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3. Our next question is from Arun from California: Could this mission prove that Pluto isn't a planet?
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4. Okay. We have a question that's similar and we have three people that want to ask you this question. We have Eric from Houston, and we have Peter from Swampscott, and Rohan from Brisbane. So I'll start with the first part. Cassini had its surface probes Huygens. Why is there not a surface probe from New Horizons, as well? The other part is: Why is New Horizons' mission to Pluto/Charon a fly-by and not a Pluto orbital mission?
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5. Our next question comes from Ritesh from Sharjah: What are the chances of finding microbial life on Charon or Pluto, since we have the proof on Earth itself that life can evolve anywhere?
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6. Matthew from Big Lake: Is there a plan to send more missions to Pluto in the future, and is there a concept for a manned mission to Pluto?
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7. We have another three-question -- it's one question, but three people want to know it. It's John from Georgia, John and Colleen from Long Island, and the question is: Will New Horizons visit the new 10th planet?
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8. Seth from Albany: Are you planning on flying by an asteroid or other bodies in the solar system between Jupiter and Pluto?
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9. Our last question is from David from New York: New Horizons is supposed to get no closer than 10,000 kilometers from Pluto. Why can't New Horizons get closer, and how will this affect the resolution of the images returned?
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