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With a Jan. 2006 launch, current 1st graders will see New Horizons arrive at Pluto just before entering 12th grade.

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New Horizons Webcast

New Horizons Webcast The New Horizons Webcast took place on January 15, 2006.
Relive our Webcast and learn more about NASA's exciting mission to Pluto and beyond! Your questions about the launch, spacecraft and science are answered by our panel of experts.

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The following individuals are the Grand Prize winners and have won a NASA Direct New Horizons prize pack!:
• Colleen from Ronkonkoma
• Pawan from Sharjah

Use the links below to view Closed Captioned segments of the program in Real Player or Windows.

Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Support Specialist Host:
Tiffany Nail
Launch Services
Join us as the experts share their insights about the spacecraft and science preparing New Horizons for a historic voyage to Pluto, its moon Charon and the Kuiper Belt.

James Kennedy, Kennedy Space Center Director Special Guest:
James Kennedy
Kennedy Space Center Director
Mission Introduction
The Center director welcomes you to the New Horizons mission webcast.
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Watch an overview video of the New Horizons mission:
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Joel Tumbiolo, Launch Weather Officer Special Guest:
Joel Tumbiolo
Launch Weather Officer
Weather Officer Joel Tumbiolo gives us the launch day forecast and explains the optimal conditions needed for a successful launch.
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NASA Launch Manager Omar Baez Special Guest:
Omar Baez
NASA Launch Manager
Omar Baez explains how the Atlas V launch vehicle was prepared for flight and gives a briefing on the status of the New Horizons countdown and launch.
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Glen Fountain Project Manager Special Guest:
Glen Fountain
Project Manager
Glen Fountain, mission Project Manager describes the unique qualities and new challenges of designing and developing the New Horizons spacecraft.
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Mission System Engineer David Kusnierkiewicz Special Guest:
David Kusnierkiewicz
Mission System Engineer
Mission System Engineer David Kusnierkiewicz will tell us more about the New Horizons spacecraft and answers questions from the public.
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Fran Bagenal Co-investigator Special Guest:
Dr. Fran Bagenal
(Univ. of Colo.)
Fran Bagenal, Co-investigator talks about the science of the New Horizons mission and the importance of knowing more about Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.
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Project Scientist Hal Weaver Special Guest:
Dr. Harold (Hal) Weaver Jr.
Project Scientist

Project Scientist Hal Weaver discusses the mission and answers viewer questions about the science and technical aspect of the New Horizons mission.
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NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center
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