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Curiosity Media Teleconference
May 30, 2013


Donald M. Hassler, RAD principal investigator and program director, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder, Colo.

Cary Zeitlin, principal scientist, SwRI

Eddie Semones, spaceflight radiation health officer, NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston

Chris Moore, deputy director of advanced exploration systems, NASA Headquarters, Washington

Hassler - 1

Radiation Assessment Detector, or RAD› Full image and caption

Hassler - 2

Artist's concept of Curiosity's cruise vehicle› Full image and caption

Hassler - 3

This illustration depicts the two main types of radiation that RAD monitors, and how the magnetic field around Earth affects the radiation in space near Earth› Full image and caption

Zeitlin - 1

Radiation measurements during trip from Earth to Mars› Full image and caption

Zeitlin - 2

Calculating radiation dose for biological tissue› Full image and caption

Zeitlin - 3

This graphic compares the radiation dose equivalent for several types of experiences› Full image and caption

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