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MA-1 (8)
Logo for Mercury Program Mission: Mercury-Atlas 1
Launch Pad: LC-14
Vehicle: Atlas (1)
Crew: Unmanned

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Spacecraft number 4, Launch Vehicle 50-D

Mission Objective:
Qualify spacecraft and Atlas combination. The specific test ojectives were:
  • Recover the capsule
  • Determine the structral integrity of the Mercury capsule structure and afterbody shingles under the maximum heating conditions which could be encountered from an orbital launch
  • Determine Mercury capsule afterbody heading rates during reentry (for this purpose 51 thermocouples were installed)
  • Determine the flight dynamic characteristics of the Mercury capsule during reentry
  • Determine the adequacy of the Mercury capsule recovery systems
  • Familiarize Project Mercury personnel with launch and recovery opperations

Altitude: 8.1 statute miles
Orbits: 0
Duration: 0 Days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds
Distance: 6 statute miles
Max Velocity: 1,701 miles per hour

July 29, 1960

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Mission Highlights:
Mission was listed as a failure.