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  • Spirit recently finished examining this rock

    Team Analyzing Mars Rover Developments

    NASA's Mars rover team is working both to resolve an intermittent problem that affects steering on Spirit and also to understand a marked improvement in Opportunity's power supply.

  • Opportunity image of rock on Mars

    Mars Rovers Probing Water History

    New findings raise the possibility Opportunity's work area was soaked long ago, before it dried and eroded into a wide plain.

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  • shadow of Spirit rover on Mars

    Team Checks Rover's Steering

    Engineers on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover team are investigating possible causes and remedies for a problem affecting the steering on Spirit.

  • Global Surveyor sees tracks of Mars rover.

    Mars Orbiter Sees Rover Tracks and More

    Using an innovative technique to capture sharper images, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spied tracks from Spirit on the surface of Mars.

  • Spirit's path on Mars

    Rover Missions Renewed Again

    As NASA's Spirit and Opportunity rovers resumed reliable contact with Earth, after a period when Mars passed nearly behind the Sun, the space agency extended funding for an additional six months of rover operations, as long as they keep working.

  • Image of a hole dug by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity

    Opportunity Tool Back at Work

    NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has resumed using its rock abrasion tool.

  • Spirit image of Gusev Crater

    Martian Bedrock Hints at Watery Past

    NASA's Spirit rover is finding evidence that water thoroughly altered some rocks in Mars' Gusev Crater.

  • rock outcrop in front of Spirit rover

    Latest on the Mars Rovers

    Spirit has climbed into rocky hills and Opportunity has gone into a crater but both rovers, for the time being, are operating with some restrictions.

  • one of Spirit's first images of its landing site

    Rocks Tell Stories

    Scientific findings from the NASA rover Spirit's first three months on Mars will be published Friday, marking the start of a flood of peer-reviewed discoveries in scientific journals from the continuing two-rover adventure.

  • Spirit view of outcrop at Columbia Hills

    Rovers Roll Into Martian Winter

    Opportunity inches deeper into a crater while Spirit prepares to go up a hill.

  • Spirit's close-up image of the rock dubbed 'Pot of Gold'

    Mars Rover Surprises Continue

    On challenging slopes that NASA's Mars rovers began exploring this month, both Spirit and Opportunity have found new surprises for the folks back home.

  • This is part of a 360-degree panorama taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit.

    Mars Rovers Going the Extra Mile

    NASA's Mars rovers are delighting scientists with their extra credit assignments.

  • Opportunity image of Endurance Crater

    Rovers Examine Hills, Crater in Bonus-Time

    In mission bonus time, Spirit and Opportunity continue to study rocks and craters, gathering clues about Mars' ancient environment.

  • Opportunity Begins 'Deep Sleep' Mode  →

    Shutting down more completely overnight will conserve enough battery charge to add several hours of science operations during the day, but there is an increased risk scientific instruments may be damaged.

  • Mars Rover Inspects Stone Ejected From Crater  →

    NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has begun sampling rocks blasted out from a stadium-sized impact crater the rover is circling, and the very first one may extend our understanding about the region's wet past.

  • Opportunity Arrives at Tempting Crater  →

    Scientists and engineers celebrated when they saw the first pictures NASA's Opportunity sent from the rim of a stadium-sized crater that the rover reached after a six-week trek across martian flatlands.

  • Rovers Finish Primary Mission And Roll Onward

    Spirit and Opportunity have completed their originally planned mission and are tackling extra-credit assignments.

  • Electric Martian Dust Devils

    Research indicates that static electricity on Mars could potentially cause increased dust adhesion to space suits and equipment.

  • Rover Finds Rock Resembling Meteorites  →

    NASA's Opportunity rover has examined an odd volcanic rock on the plains of Mars' Meridiani Planum region with a composition unlike anything seen on Mars before, but scientists have found similarities to meteorites that fell to Earth.

  • Rovers Refreshed and Ready to Rock

    Both rovers are now operating with new "minds," after successful software updates

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