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  • NASA Hears From Opportunity Rover On Mars

    01.25.04 - NASA's second Mars Exploration Rover successfully sent signals to Earth during its bouncy landing and after it came to rest on one of the three side petals of its four-sided lander.

  • Spirit Upgraded As Twin Nears Mars

    01.24.04 - Hours before NASA's Opportunity rover reaches Mars, engineers have found a way to communicate more reliably with its twin, Spirit.

  • Rover Team Ready for Second Landing

    01.23.04 - Opportunity is set to land at 12:05 a.m. EST Jan. 25.

  • Spirit Communicates With Earth  →

    01.23.04 - The flight team for NASA's Spirit received data from the rover for 20 minutes in a communication session early this morning.

    "The spacecraft sent limited data in a proper response to a ground command, and we're planning for commanding further communication sessions later today," said Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager Pete Theisinger at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

  • Latest on Spirit Communication Problem  →

    01.22.04 - Flight-team engineers were encouraged this morning when Spirit sent a simple radio signal acknowledging that the rover had received a transmission from Earth. But, the team is still trying to diagnose the cause of earlier communications difficulties that have prevented any data being returned from Spirit since early Wednesday.

  • Spirit Drives to Target

    Spirit Drives to 'Adirondack'  →

    01.20.04 - NASA's Spirit rover has successfully driven to its first target on Mars, a football-sized rock that scientists have dubbed Adirondack.

  • Artist's concept of Mars Exploration Rover on Mars

    Opportunity Closes In on Landing  →

    01.20.04 - With barely a week before reaching Mars, NASA's Opportunity spacecraft adjusted its trajectory, or flight path, today for the first time in four months.

  • Spirit Flexes Its Arm

    Spirit Flexes Its Arm  →

    01.20.04 - For the first time, Spirit has reached out with its versatile robotic arm and examined a patch of fine-grained martian soil with a microscope at the end of the arm.

  • Spirit Puts Six Wheels on Mars  →

    01.15.04 - NASA's Spirit rover has left its lander and is ready to start exploring the red planet.

  • Hang a Right at the Crater

    01.13.04 - Spirit Gets a Travel Itinerary

  • Spirit's Surroundings Beckon in Color Panorama

    01.12.04 - The first 360-degree color view from NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit presents a range of tempting targets from rocks nearby to hills on the horizon.

  • Spirit Rover Nearly Ready to Roll  →

    01.11.04 - Spirit now has its arm and all six wheels free, and only a single cable must be cut before it can turn and roll off its lander onto the soil of Mars.

  • Rover Airbag to Get Another Tug  →

    01.07.04 - The engineers and scientists for NASA's Spirit are eager to get the rover off its lander and out exploring the terrain that Spirit's pictures are revealing, but caution comes first.

  • Color Photo Most Detailed View of Mars Ever  →

    01.06.04 - A color mosaic from Spirit is the highest-resolution picture ever sent from Mars, more than three times as detailed as images from Mars Pathfinder in 1997.

  • NASA Brings Mars Online

    01.06.04 - Thanks to the Internet, NASA can bring Mars into your living room, to a local Internet cafe, or anywhere else with access to the World Wide Web.

  • Mars Team Energized about 'Sleepy Hollow'

    01.05.04 - A shallow depression in the ground near the landing site -- described as "a window into the interior of Mars" -- may become an early destination for NASA's Spirit rover.

  • Healthy Rover Shows its New Neighborhood on Mars

    01.04.04 - NASA's Spirit Rover is starting to examine its new surroundings.

  • Spirit from Earth Lands on Mars

    01.04.04 - A traveling robotic geologist from NASA has landed on Mars.

  • NASA Administrator Marks Successful Spirit On Mars

    01.04.04 - Administrator O'Keefe salutes "this amazing feat," calling it "a tribute to the dedication to the many men and women throughout NASA and our many partners."