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  • Mars Express Finds Methane in Atmosphere  →

    03.30.04 - The European Space Agency spacecraft's discovery raises the exciting question -- "Where does the methane come from?"

  • Rover and Track: Check Out These Wheels

    03.25.04 - The engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, home of some of the best six-wheeled exo-atmospheric off-roaders anywhere, have really done it this time.

  • Opportunity Hits the Beach

    03.23.04 - Earth might not be the only planet in our solar system to have hosted salty seas.

  • In The Martian Driver's Seat

    03.15.04 - NASA's M2K4 puts you behind the wheel of the Rovers.

  • Moon Dance

    03.15.04 - Elusive, awe-inspiring...and now, martian: What's the deal with eclipses, anyway?

  • Slip Sliding Away

    03.12.04 - Driving a rover on Mars isn't easy, as indicated by some 'rover and track' stories.

  • Rover Finds Signs of Wet Martian Past

    03.02.04 - NASA's Opportunity rover is showing indications that water once flowed on Mars.

  • Rover Fans Go On 'Bunny' Chase  →

    03.05.04 - Like a rabbit in a hat, the identity of an oddity that looks like "bunny ears" in a picture from Mars has eluded the science and engineering teams.

  • Two Little Rovers, One Big Audience

    03.02.04 - Mars Exploration Rover mission becomes NASA's biggest Web event ever.

  • Spirit Science Advances

    03.01.04 - NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has achieved several scientific firsts, but may still have its best "Eureka!" moments in front of it.

  • Tales in the Tracks

    02.25.04 - Rover wheels aren't just for driving anymore! They help scientists study a part of Mars that time has covered up.

  • Make Your Own Eye-Popping 3-D Pictures

    02.23.04 - Make Mars and other "vacation spots" come alive when you create 3-D images using your photos, a computer and photo-editing software.

  • 21 Photos, and a Big First

    02.18.04 - Mariner 4 made history in 1965 by capturing Mars up close

  • A Day in the Life  →

    02.09.04 - Wearing two watches, Jim Rice works in three time zones on two different planets simultaneously.

  • Mars Landmarks Honor Columbia Crew

    02.02.04 - NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today announced the Martian hills, located east of the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover's landing site, would be dedicated to the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 crew.

  • Revealing Mars' True Colors: Part One  →

    02.03.04 - Scientists, engineers and imaging specialists work hard to provide a human-scale view of images taken by Spirit and Opportunity.

  • Challenger Crew Memorialized on Mars

    01.28.04 - The site where Opportunity landed will be named the Challenger Memorial Station.

  • Rover "Digs" the Dirt

    01.28.04 - Spirit's first soil sampling creates excitement here on Earth.

  • NASA Dedicates Martian Hills To Apollo 1

    01.27.04 - NASA memorialized Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee by dedicating the hills surrounding Spirit's landing site to the Apollo 1 astronauts.

  • Mars Mice

    01.20.04 - Mice-astronauts will orbit Earth inside a spinning spacecraft to learn what its like to live on Mars