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 09.13.07 - Opportunity Begins Exploring Inside Crater
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity finished the last step of a test in-and-out maneuver checking wheel slippage at the rim of Victoria Crater today.
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 09.11.07 - Opportunity Takes a Dip Into Victoria Crater
Today, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity entered Victoria Crater for the first time.
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 09.11.07 - Opportunity Commanded to Enter Crater Today
Two months after sky-darkening dust from severe storms nearly killed NASA's Mars exploration rovers, the solar powered robots are awake and ready to continue their mission.
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 08.24.07 - Rovers Resume Driving
After six weeks of hunkering down during raging dust storms that limited solar power, both of NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have resumed driving.
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 08.07.07 - Martian Skies Brighten Slightly
Slight clearing of still-dusty Martian skies has improved the energy situation for both Spirit and Opportunity, allowing controllers to increase the rovers' science observations.
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 07.31.07 - Mars Dust Storm Update
Rover engineers are growing increasingly concerned about the temperature of vital electronics on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity while the rover stays nearly inactive due to a series of dust storms that has lasted for more than a month.
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 07.26.07 - Spirit Sees Dustier Sky
As of Thursday, July 26, NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity are both enduring levels of reduced power supply.
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 07.20.07 - Mars Dust Storm Update
Having explored Mars for three-and-a-half years in what were missions originally designed for three months, NASA's Mars rovers are facing perhaps their biggest challenge.
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 07.03.07 - Dust Delays Mars Crater Entry
A giant dust storm brewing for more than a week on Mars has become worse and is affecting surface operations of the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
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 05.03.07 - Spirit Finds Evidence of Ancient Volcanic Explosion
NASA's Mars Rover Spirit has found evidence of an ancient volcanic explosion. One strong clue is a bomb sag, which on Earth is found when a rock blown skyward by a volcanic explosion falls into soft deposits.
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 03.14.07 - NASA Mars Rover Churns Up Questions With Sulfur-Rich Soil
Some bright Martian soil containing lots of sulfur and a trace of water intrigues researchers who are studying information provided by NASA's Spirit rover.
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 02.07.07 - Mars Rover Completes a 10-K
NASA's durable Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is the first robot to travel 10 kilometers on Mars. It reached that total (6.2 miles) during a drive on Feb. 6, seen above.

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 12.28.06 - NASA Mars Team Teaches Old Rovers New Tricks to Kick Off Year Four
NASA's twin Mars rovers, nearing the third anniversary of their landings, are getting smarter as they get older.
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 12.13.06 - NASA Spacecraft Read Layered Clues to Changes on Mars
Layers on Mars are yielding history lessons revealed by instruments flying overhead and rolling across the surface.
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 10.25.06 - 'McMurdo' Panorama from Spirit's 'Winter Haven'
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 09.27.06 - NASA Mars Rover Arrives at Dramatic Vista on Red Planet
NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity has arrived at the rim of a crater approximately five times wider than a previous stadium-sized one it studied for half a year.
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 09.19.06 - NASA Rover Opportunity Takes First Peek Into Victoria Crater
On Monday, NASA's Mars rover Opportunity got to within about 160 feet of the rim of the half-mile-wide Victoria Crater, the rover's destination since late 2004.
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 09.06.06 - NASA Rover Nears Martian Bowl Goal
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity is closing in on what may be the grandest overlook and richest science trove of its long mission.
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 04.12.06 - Rovers Head for New Sites
NASA's Mars rover Spirit has reached a safe site for the Martian winter, while its twin, Opportunity, is making fast progress toward a destination of its own.
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 03.17.06 - Mars Rovers Get New Manager During Challenging Period
NASA's long-lived Mars rovers demand lots of care as they age and the Martian winter approaches.
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