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Opportunity View During Exploration in 'Duck Bay,' Sols 1506-1510
full-circle view of the rover's surroundings

NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this full-circle view of the rover's surroundings on the 1,506th through 1,510th Martian days, or sols, of Opportunity's mission on Mars (April 19-23, 2008). South is at the center; north is at both ends.

The site is within an alcove called "Duck Bay" in the western portion of Victoria Crater. Victoria Crater is about 800 meters (half a mile) wide. Opportunity had descended into the crater at the top of Duck Bay 7 months earlier. By the time the rover acquired this view, it had examined rock layers inside the rim, visible above the rover's solar panels.

Opportunity was headed for a closer look at the base of a promontory called "Cape Verde," the cliff near the left edge of this image, before leaving Victoria. The face of Cape Verde is about 6 meters (20 feet) tall. Just to the right of Cape Verde is the main bowl of Victoria Crater, with sand dunes at the bottom. A promontory called "Cabo Frio," at the southern side of Duck Bay, stands near the center of the image.

This view is presented as a cylindrical projection with geometric seam correction.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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