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Phoenix Project Manager
Barry Goldstein Barry Goldstein
Project Manager
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Barry Goldstein graduated from the University of Colorado in 1981, with a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics. He also earned an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the Peter Drucker management center at Claremont Graduate School.

Prior to his assignment to Phoenix, he served as the Deputy Flight System Manager for the hugely successful Mars Exploration Rover project, and also led the initial Mars Scouts study team that proposed a series of small landers to investigate multiple sites on the red planet.

Goldstein started his career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1982, working on various deep space projects for 22 years. He worked as flight designer in the Attitude and Articulation Control subsystem for the Galileo, Jupiter orbiter spacecraft. For the past nine years, Goldstein's work has focused on Mars missions. He was the lead system engineer for the Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor payload for the Mars Polar Lander and manager for the Athena Payload that was the core science for a rover in 2001.